Brexit – The Data Protection Landscape in the future

The United Kingdom’s protracted exit from the European Union looks like it is finally coming to an end after the transition period concludes on 31 December 2020. Even though this is less than a month away, in our experience many organisations are not preparing for Brexit and its potential impact on their data processing activities or simply have not realised how it will even affect them.

Not just isolated to data protection but the uncertainty, including large scale changes, are worrying and potentially costly to organisations. However, it is important that organisations remain compliant with data protection legislation. Aside from a potential fine from your respective Data Protection Authority, organisations can lose trust in their customer/client base if you are not acting appropriately or not taking the appropriate steps when it comes to ensuring your data is handled lawfully.

We have developed a simple data protection tool to illustrate and assist you in understanding how your organisation may or may not be affected by Brexit, and what to consider*. Whilst this doesn’t cover everything, we feel it will give organisations a great steer as to what impact Brexit will have on them as a Data Controller and/or a Data Processor and what they need to consider going forwards.

If you are interested, concerned ,or curious, we encourage you to use our data protection tool to gain an insight into Brexit’s impact on you.

For more detailed or bespoke advice, we have a team of experienced data protection experts who can help you and your organisation with your post-Brexit transition. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to organise a quote.

* Please note that this does not amount to actual advice and Information Governance Services Limited accepts no responsibility for any (or lack of) action you take or any reliance placed on this data protection tool.


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