IGS and Vaultinum sign a partnership agreement for more robust technology due diligence

Vaultinum, which specialises in the protection and audit of software, has developed an automated Technology Due Diligence tool that analyses every line of a software’s source code to identify its strengths and vulnerabilities in 3 main areas: cyber security, intellectual property and scalability. 

The digital transformation of the economy triggers a surge in the reliance of software in all manner of companies across all sectors, while simultaneously placing the highest importance on the continuation of best coding and software development practices. 

“Firms of all sizes are increasingly conscious of the hidden risks linked to proprietary software and are now looking for Technology Due Diligence solutions that provide a comprehensive and reliable analysis of the software’s source code and its IT environment. Our Tech Due Diligence solution, which provides a combination of source code scanning, online assessment and expert analysis, was developed by Vaultinum’s IT experts to meet this demand.” says Vaultinum CTO Guillaume Acard. 

Strengthening Technology Due Diligence with IGS

We, Information Governance Services (“IGS”), are a specialist data protection, privacy law and information governance consultancy firm with a particular focus on the healthcare sector. The purpose of the partnership is to raise standards when it comes to compliance.  

Together IGS and Vaultinum will ensure a more robust mechanism for assuring systems: IGS already has legal, privacy and ethics expertise in-house and adding the level of technical capabilities that Vaultinum brings will safeguard our client’s interests even more.  

IGS Managing Consultant, Sarah Tantin says “At IGS, what we truly care about is making a difference for each of our clients so that they can concentrate on their core missions: saving people, improving care and making the world a better place. This partnership will enable our clients to make a more informed choice when it comes to implementing technologies to support the work they do.” 


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