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In healthcare, AI can be considered to support diagnosis, integrate patients records, identify patients at risk and vulnerable groups, provide clinical care outside the traditional health system and prioritise resource allocation.

While artificial intelligence offers many potential benefits, it also raises significant risks for the rights and freedoms of individuals whose personal data is ingested within AI systems. This can make it difficult for organisations to leverage the technology.

The potential for algorithms to result in unfair or biased decision-making is increasingly being questioned by the public. The UK and EU GDPR’s definitions and requirements for profiling and automated decision making may be applicable to AI where it finds hidden connections in data about individuals and forecast their preferences.

We, here at IGS, consult and assist our clients from various sectors in the field of AI to reduce any barriers in innovation and invention, all whilst addressing privacy related risks. Our team of trained lawyers and consultants offer clients a holistic understanding of the privacy issues surrounding the use of AI systems and help identify mitigating measures.


  • Different AI systems may either exacerbate or mitigate particular privacy issues, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to ensuring regulatory compliance. This means we don’t just apply a “tick box” exercise to assess whether an AI can be safely implemented.
  • Instead, we take a risk-based approach and help our clients implement appropriate measures in the context of their particular AI systems and uses.


By choosing to engage us for consultancy, you will gain a fuller and more meaningful view of reviewing managing your privacy risks posed by AI.

If your organisation is looking to join the race of AI-powered innovation, research or design and requires guidance as how it can lawfully use personal data to do this, we are here to help and support with the responsible implementation of AI.

By anticipating and managing risks effectively, we hope to help our clients unlock new potentials of AI in an ethical and legally compliant way.  Ultimately, striking this balance is essential in maintaining trust and confidence in the growing use of technology and AI.

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