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our data protection health checks are unique to each client

Whether an organisation is transitioning from a start-up, or when an organisation is more established, a big challenge is ensuring you have compliant data protection practices and procedures in place. If you do not employ, or have, information governance or data protection professionals in your organisation, it is likely that you have gaps and weaknesses in your compliance.

Before you can address any issues which may exist, you will need to have a health check, or a gap analysis of your organisation. This will help you understand what is and isn’t working, what is and isn’t lawful, and encompass all the recommendations and actions which you need to take to improve your practices and be compliant with the law.

That’s where we come in. We provide thorough gap analyses and health checks for organisations, regardless of your size or industry. You can take confidence in the fact that we undertake health checks on a routine basis, so we know what to look for, and we know how to give you the information in an informative, yet digestible way.

We ensure that all our health checks are unique to each client, so you don’t feel like you are getting a template or a copy and pasted health check. Importantly, we ‘look under the hood’ for your organisation. We make sure we provide a deep dive into your organisations governance and practices to really see what is going on, and not just take a view from what we see from the surface.


We undertake health data protection health checks on:

  • A whole organisation
  • Particular programmes or projects
  • Specific departments or outputs within an organisation

When undertaking a health check, we undertake the following:

  • A review of your organisation structure to ensure that there are proper data protection roles and responsibilities in place
  • A review of the processes in which you collect, capture and process data, including any further processing your organisation takes
  • A review of your data protection/ information governance policy documentation
  • A review of your fair processing materials
  • A review of your record of processing activities and information asset registers
  • A review of your data storage processes
  • A review of your engagement with third party processors
  • A review of your internal organisational information governance practices
  • A review of your template forms, standard operating procedures (relevant to data protection)
  • Specific aspects of compliance you are concerned about

For each area, we will undertake a comprehensive review to capture any strengths and weaknesses within your organisation, providing recommendations and outputs against each area for you to consider and take action on (as necessary).

To find out more, to get in touch, or to get a quote, please get in contact with us on how we can assist you and how we can provide a data protection health check for you.

Legally Trained Consultants

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