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What are fair processing materials?

Fair Processing Materials are transparency documents which provide information to data subjects about how an organisation uses their personal data. These are more commonly referred to as a Privacy Notice or a Privacy Policy.


The first principle of the GDPR states that personal data should be processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner. Organisations need to provide their data subjects with sufficient information on how their personal data is being used and for what purpose.

It can be difficult for organisations to know what to include in your own privacy materials and whether they are compliant with data protection regulations.

Using our expert knowledge and insights, we review and draft fair processing notices on a daily basis. We provide clear, concise privacy materials for our clients to use so that they can be transparent with users on how they use their data. We provide general and layered privacy policies, explaining how an organisation uses data as a whole, and how particular projects and applications collect data.

We re-draft existing policies, provide recommendations on existing policies as well as drafting policies from scratch. We leave no stone unturned, and will work with you to ensure that the privacy materials are accurate and reflect how your data processing truly works. If we find any compliance issues along the way, we will let you know and make recommendations on how you can be compliant.

Please contact us if you would like any support with these documents.

Legally Trained Consultants

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