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Not just a tick box exercise

Workplace training can too often be seen as a ‘tick box’ exercise to be completed only for the purposes of demonstrating compliance or obtaining a certificate. At IGS we believe that training can be more than this and should be an exercise that helps deepen people’s understanding of how to perform their job and why it is important to observe appropriate standards of ethical practice.

A lack of understanding about the ethical demands of your organisation’s work with respect to data handling can lead to either inertia or poor decision-making; as such, training in data ethics can help those in your organisation carry out their roles with more confidence and a greater sense of autonomy in situations where there are ethical tensions.

We create bespoke, engaging training materials so that those taking our sessions learn about principles that will remain with them and which they can apply throughout their career when faced with decisions about how to ensure ethical data governance.


We offer a wide range of training, which includes the following:

Staff-wide, general training in principles of data ethics, including how these principles intersect with the demands of the GDPR/UK GDPR and Data Protection Act.

Tailored training about ethical best practice and procedures in information governance, developed specifically for the specific needs of your organisation.

Senior staff training, for those at board level with overall data protection responsibility in your organisation. This is more in-depth, detailed training on how senior staff with greater responsibility for ethical data governance can ensure their organisation meets its obligations, giving them the confidence and the knowledge needed for implementing relevant procedures across the organisation.

Explaining the ethical implications of consent for data use, re-use, sharing, and linkage; including how these implications vary according to different models of consent, for instance: informed consent, broad consent, blanket consent, and meta-consent. This training is particularly relevant to organisations which use machine learning and AI-driven tools, given that the utility of such tools depends in part on the unpredictability of the outcomes that they can produce. This unpredictability can undermine the standard model of informed consent, where one agrees to the collection, use, and possible re-use of one’s data on the basis of relatively accurate predictions about the possible consequences of doing so. Ensuring ethical practice in the context of big data, machine learning, and AI is complex and requires input from trained experts who are able to provide training based on the cutting edge of such developments.

Whether your organisation knows nothing about ethics in data governance and is looking for a place to start, or has some understanding of it but needs specific advice, we can train your staff so that they and your organisation can become more self-sufficient with respect to meeting appropriate demands of ethical practice in future.

Our data ethics consultants have a wealth of relevant experience and have published peer-reviewed research in areas such as those outlined here. Given the breadth and depth of our expertise, IGS can tailor training in data ethics according to your needs, so if what your organisation requires is not listed above, just get in touch with us so we can provide the training that is right for you.

Consultants Trained In Ethics

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