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Consultants Trained In Ethics

Our ethics reviews are objective, even-handed and informative

With expertise and formal training in ethical analysis, our data ethics consultants apply rigorous, detailed scrutiny to the situations that our clients find themselves in. Moreover, a key aspect of academic philosophical training in ethics is acquisition of the skills required for writing ethics reviews for publication. As such, we can be sure to provide your organisation with external reviews of the highest quality about whatever data ethics matters, problems, challenges, or obstacles your organisation is faced with.

Our ethics reviews are objective, even-handed, informative and will provide you with as clear as possible an exposition of the competing factors that needs to be successfully weighed to ensure optimally ethical data governance in your organisation. Our reviews include a series of options which your organisation can decide between to put into action. Where appropriate, we also make recommendations that will help your organisation to improve its practices or to mitigate the likelihood of the problems it faces from occurring again.


Our general approach to data ethics cases involves the following:

1)     First, we need to fully understand the issue, challenge, or obstacle. We will review all the relevant materials and have discussions with all people pertinent to whatever matter needs to be resolved.

2)     Next, having understood the matter to which a solution is sought, we will cross-reference the facts of the case against any guidance and policies for ethical data governance that were in place, to assess whether the required procedures were followed.

3)    Finally, we will draft a detailed report of the case, explaining our investigation, the issues we picked up and recommendations for action that we can make, so that your organisation can prevent the same problem from occurring again. A key part of our report will be an assessment of the adequacy of the data ethics guidance and policies that exist in your organisation, if they exist at all. Where guidance and policies are inadequate, we will recommend how they should be improved, and if none exist, we can work with you to develop these, so that you and your organisation can implement them into its practices.

Ethics is complex and requires a fine balancing of competing considerations which will differ from case to case. No two cases will be the same, and we tailor our data ethics analysis to the specifics of your organisation and its unique challenges.

Consultants Trained In Ethics

A fine balancing of competing considerations

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