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Data Protection Officer (DPO)

You may be legally required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for your organisation.

However, even if you are not legally required to do so, your organisation may want to demonstrate that you take information governance and data protection seriously. In either case, this will reassure your client base on how seriously you take your responsibilities when it comes to protecting the privacy of individuals.

A DPO should be an expert in data protection law and have good knowledge of the sector and the processing activities you undertake. They should have the confidence and ability to liaise with the data protection supervisory authority.


Under the GDPR/UK GDPR, you are required to have a DPO where:

  • You are a public authority;
  • Your primary activities require large scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals; or
  • Your primary activities consist of large scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences.

Being a DPO is an involved and taxing role, one which organisations typically outsource responsibility to in order to also obtain a degree of objectivity in the DPO’s role. Our trained consultants are experts in data protection law, and we offer a DPO service for organisations.

How will this work?

One of our experienced consultants will be appointed as the named DPO for your organisation. We will carry out all the statutory responsibilities of the DPO so you don’t have to. We will communicate with the regulator on your behalf, be someone for your customers to contact and complain to about data protection matters, and generally be the face of your organisation when it comes to data protection. We will meet with stakeholders and board members and report to your Senior Information Risk Officer regarding data protection activities in your organisation.

When we are a DPO for an organisation, we set out to make that organisation more compliant and ethical than when we joined. We will work with you to help you achieve your objective, whilst keeping you within the confines of the law.

For more information on what this may entail, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the needs of your organisation before taking any affirmative steps.

Legally Trained Consultants

Our trained consultants are experts in data protection law

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