Consultants Trained In Ethics

Academic experts in all aspects of data ethics

With formal academic expertise and training in theoretical and applied ethical analysis, our data ethics consultants apply rigorous, detailed scrutiny to the situations that our clients find themselves in. We can provide rigorous, high-level advice across all aspects of data ethics, including: ethics of data governance and protection; ethics of machine learning; ethics in AI; and the design of appropriate models of consent for data use in this context.

Ensuring not only legal compliance in data governance but ethical practice as well can be a daunting challenge. However, it is essential that your organisation meets this challenge, both in its own interests and those of the people whose data you hold. Ethics is complex and requires a fine balancing of competing considerations, which will differ from case to case. At IGS we tailor our data ethics analysis and advice to the specific circumstances of your organisation and its unique challenges.




  • We offer a free 30-minute consultation to all prospective clients so that we can discuss your organisation’s data ethics issues and how we might be able to help you. This helps both us and you ensure that we are able to deliver the service you are looking for.
  • Our data ethics consultants are highly-qualified, published academics who can advise on all aspects of data ethics, ethics in machine learning and AI. Choosing us means you will get consultancy support of the highest quality to optimise the ethical robustness of your organisation’s data policies.
  • We can provide tailored training in ethical best data practice, including how this intersects with the demands of the GDPR/UK GDPR and Data Protection Act
  • We have flexible support packages for our clients depending on the size of your organisation and its level of need.

Your organisation’s policies and procedures for ethical data governance are the foundations necessary for your organisation being able to meet its obligations. At IGS, we specialise in designing robust, coherent, implementable policies for ensuring ethical data governance, whether this requires drafting policies from scratch or reviewing and revising policies you already have.

We work with you to provide practical, effective guidance that your organisation can use, and we can train your staff so that your organisation can become more self-sufficient with respect to meeting appropriate demands of data ethical practice in future. Whether your organisation knows nothing about ethics in data governance and is looking for a place to start or has some understanding of it but needs specific advice, we can provide the expert consultancy that you need.

Consultants Trained In Ethics

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