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We can advise and guide your organisation on ethical use of AI

In addition to advice about the compliance considerations raised by AI, IGS can advise your organisation on important ethical issues surrounding the use of this technology. We can provide analysis, support, and guidance to help your organisation ensure that the contracts and policies it uses for AI-driven solutions protect individuals’ interests in maximising their control over their personal sensitive information via observation of the relevant data protection legislation.

IGS can also guide your organisation on how to ensure that its AI-related practices promote relevant ethical principles – including, for instance, fairness and autonomy. Fairness matters because it is important that AI does not inadvertently discriminate against any group or individual; autonomy matters because it is vital that individuals are able to make their own informed choices about themselves and their data. Principles such as these not only underpin current legislation but also form the basis of guidance provided by regulators such as the Information Commissioner’s Office, which continually emphasise the need to ensure that AI operates fairly and without bias.


Our AI ethics consultancy service reflects the structure of our general data ethics service, with some additional features.

  • A free 30-minute consultation to discuss your AI ethics-related concerns, needs and current policies and procedures.
  • On the basis of an assessment of your AI policies and procedures, we can advise you what else you might need to put in place to ensure you meet appropriate ethical standards.
  • We can review and revise existing policies and we can draft policies from scratch, according to your needs.
  • We can also review, revise, and draft protocols for consent to particular kinds of data use, such as data linkage and sharing, where AI-driven analysis is likely to be applied to the data and so might produce outcomes or insights that are hard to predict and thus consent to in advance.
  • Some applications of AI can be very powerful and the technology can sometimes move faster than the regulatory environment. We recognise that it can be daunting to be faced with developing the necessary procedures to ensure that you use this technology ethically. Our AI ethics service therefore pays particular attention to a thorough anticipation of possible future risks and development of the processes which will help to mitigate the impact of or prevent these risks from occurring.

Whether your organisation has no processes in place for AI governance and is looking for a place to start, or has some processes but you are concerned about their adequacy, we can provide the high-level consultancy advice, guidance, and support that you need to ensure the processes you put in place are robust, and not only legally, but ethically watertight.

Our data ethics and AI ethics consultants offer the depth and breadth of technical knowledge, reflected in peer-reviewed work that they have published, that can give you peace of mind about the ethical adequacy of your AI governance processes.

Consultants Trained in Ethics

We Are Highly Trained and Can Provide Peace of Mind for your Organisation.

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